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You can understand the process flow of the central centralized water supply system after reading it!

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The central centralized water supply system, in short, is a system that integrates water into a centralized platform and provides water by quality in combination with the water use standards of different floors. Through independent pipelines, water with different water quality can be transported to the corresponding floors, and can be taken at any time, which is convenient and hygienic. The water supply system is embodied in the overall building as the machine room of the central quality water supply system, the circulating water supply network management, and the water points of different departments or parts.

Common process flow of central centralized water supply system:

Raw water - raw water booster pump - multi-media filter - activated carbon filter - water softener - precision filter - reverse osmosis - pH regulation - intermediate water tank - reverse osmosis (positive charge on the surface of reverse osmosis membrane) - purified water tank - pure water pump - ultraviolet sterilizer - microporous filter - water point

Technical requirements for equipment of central centralized water supply system:

The system adopts full-automatic control (manual control can also be adopted at the same time), and automatic backwashing and regeneration procedures can be set during system operation;

1、 The secondary reverse osmosis is equipped with a return pipeline, and the reverse osmosis equipment is equipped with a chemical cleaning device and a disinfection device;

The reverse osmosis membrane is imported from the United States to ensure the long-term stable operation of the reverse osmosis equipment;

The reverse osmosis pipeline adopts better materials such as stainless steel and UPVC;

Online conductivity detector is installed in primary and secondary reverse osmosis equipment;

The reverse osmosis system is equipped with low-voltage protection and high-voltage protection switches;

The recovery rate of reverse osmosis water is adjustable, the recovery rate of primary reverse osmosis is 60-70%, and the recovery rate of secondary reverse osmosis is 70-80%;

The circulating transmission pipeline is equipped with ultraviolet sterilizer and microporous filter to ensure that the pure water meets the sanitary requirements.

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