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  • Multi effect distilled water machine

    LD multi effect distilled water machine is designed and manufactured according to the industry standard of yy0229 multi effect distilled water machine. All parts are made of 304 or 316L stainless steel. The steam f retention water produced has high purity and no pyrogen, which fully meets the requirements of various quality indexes of water for injection in the 2005 edition of Chinese Pharmacopoeia. It is an ideal equipment for various blood products, injections, large infusion, biological antibacterial and other drug manufacturers and drinking steamed stuffing water manufacturers.

  • Water division system

    Central water supply, custom design according to the actual demand and disinfection requirements of the customer on site, based on GMP, ISPE Engineering Guide and FDA specification for design concept, frame structure, saving space, plug-and-play, installation, convenient installation, pre-installation With the operation confirmation, all pipes are 316L stainless steel, no dead angle, and the surface roughness (RA) of all product contacts is less than 0.6 μm. There is no intermediate storage tank in the loop to prevent bacteria to breed, in line with FDA requirements.

  • Pure steam generator

    The LCZ series tubular pure steam generator is designed and manufactured with reference to YYO229, which is purified to feed water, heating with steam, and produces a sterile free-free gas. Steam. The quality is stable, high purity, in line with the requirements of the "China Pharmaceutical" in 2005. It is widely used in the sterilization and disinfection of health, biopharmaceutical industries, and food industry and disinfection of appliances, effectively preventing re-pollution of impurities such as heavy metals, hot glands.

  • Water system equipment

    Central Pure Water System / Water System Application Scope: Electronic, Medicine, Food and Middle Industry Pure Water; Purification and Preparation of Water Water for Textiles, Chemical Waters; Purification and Preparation of Water for Food Beverage, Water Water Technology; Industrial Production Aqueous Solution Useful substances and concentration and recovery; pre-salt treatment of high-pressure boilers such as power plants; desalination of bitter water and seawater; as high-purity water produced by high purity water production.

  • CIP cleaning system

    The CIP cleaning device has the following advantages: the production plan can rationalize and improve production capacity. Compared with the hand wash, it will not affect the cleaning effect due to the differences in the operator, but also improve its product quality. Can prevent the danger of cleaning in the work, save labor. Save cleaning agents, steam, water and production costs. Can add the use of the machine components. CIP cleaning device points manual, semi-automatic and automatic three kinds of users choose


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