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What are the main structures of the central centralized water supply system?

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The central centralized water supply system uses natural resin to replace calcium and magnesium ions in the effluent to reduce the hardness of the water; Effectively reduce the wear of clothes, protect human skin and avoid scaling problems such as pipes, sanitary ware and sanitary equipment. It adopts the reverse osmosis method and the five channel filtration procedure of precise calculation to turn the effluent into pure water without any impurities and minerals. The system can effectively remove chlorine, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, algae and suspended solids in the water, and then further remove various organic matters with activated carbon, so that the effluent is clear, clean, halogen-free and can be drunk directly; The system has automatic maintenance function.

System composition of central centralized water supply system:

1. Multi media filter (with automatic controller): remove particles, suspended solids and other impurities

2. Activated carbon filter (with automatic controller): remove chlorine ion in raw water

3. Softening filter (with automatic controller and salt tank): reduce the hardness of source water

4. Security filter: deep filtration to ensure the water quality into ro host

5. Reverse osmosis device: remove source water ions, disease sources, bacteria, etc

6. EDI device: environmental protection type, deep ion removal, etc

Product characteristics of central centralized water supply system:

1. Ro + EDI integrated process is adopted, and the produced water quality is high and stable,;

2. Environmental protection EDI technology, low equipment operation cost and maintenance cost, easy to install and maintain;

3. The equipment is fully automatic, easy to operate and safe;

4. Conduct on-line and real-time detection of equipment produced water quality, EDI module inlet conductivity and pH value;

5. Each pump has inlet low-pressure protection to ensure the stable operation of the pump;

6. Specific design schemes can be provided according to the personalized needs of users.

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