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The same laboratory pure water system, why do others have such a long service life?

Release time:2022-03-11    Views:1592

       The application field of laboratory pure water system is very wide. It can not only be applied to the demand of household pure water, but also be widely used in laboratory ultra pure water, water inflow of ultra pure water system, water consumption of microbial culture medium, chemical and biochemical reagent configuration, buffer solution configuration, photosensitive film washing, water supply for stability test box, meteorological experiment, equipment, hydrogen generator, humidifier and other instruments. It can completely replace the traditional single steam, double steam and three-time distilled water machine. Regular maintenance is not only an important work to improve the stability, accuracy and service life of equipment, but also an important work to effectively prevent faults. For the maintenance of the pure water system in the laboratory, we need to do the following:

1. Ready to use

The purer the water used in the laboratory, the less time it should be kept. Pure water has a strong ability to dissolve the surrounding environmental substances. Take purified water out of the system, and then in the process of using the experimental site, it is easy to be polluted by dissolving the pollutants in the container or air, which will affect the experimental results. Taking water immediately and using it is a very important concept. Only taking water before use can avoid environmental pollution to ultra pure water; The isolation of laboratory ultrapure water system from organic solvents and other pollution sources is also an important factor to reduce environmental pollution.

2. Consumables need to be replaced regularly

Before the resistivity value falls to the standard range, consumables need to be replaced regularly to ensure water quality. The life of consumables is cyclical. In order to prevent physical or chemical consumables from deteriorating, it is necessary to replace them regularly.

3. Export management

When using ultrapure water machine, the storage time of water in the water tank must be reduced and the water inlet must be kept clean.

4. Importance of continuous operation of the system

The long-term storage of pure water will lead to the deterioration of water quality and create a highly consistent and stable water production environment. Therefore, it is not recommended to stop the operation of the laboratory ultrapure water system for a long time.

According to the above methods, the use effect of the laboratory pure water system can be guaranteed to achieve the expected effect. Regular maintenance plays a vital role. It can not only increase the service life of the equipment, but also save production costs for enterprises and achieve a win-win goal.

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