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What are the advantages of central centralized water supply compared with regional water supply?

Release time:2022-03-11    Views:1373

       Central centralized water supply is conducive to water source health protection. Centralized water intake, purification, disinfection and tight water distribution network can prevent water from being polluted during transportation and ensure water quality. Due to the convenience of water intake, it can greatly improve the people's living and sanitation level, which is relatively centralized and convenient for health management and supervision.

Central centralized water supply mode and regional water supply mode have the following advantages:

1. Improve management efficiency and management level. The system not only has the unattended automatic control function, but also reserves the communication protocol interface with the on duty monitoring room. The personnel in the monitoring room can monitor the whole process and even the operating system.

2. Reduce the work intensity of staff, improve their professional work efficiency and sense of responsibility, and be more conducive to the maintenance and management of purified water equipment. Independent drinking fountains provide purified water, which usually requires the staff of each department to be responsible for its operation and operation. In this way, the staff must not only complete the heavy main medical tasks, but also face the operation and maintenance of water treatment equipment they are not familiar with. Then, due to the lack of basic maintenance knowledge, they will disperse the professional work of medical personnel and increase the frequency of equipment failure. The central pure water supply system can make up for this shortcoming.

3. Save valuable space. Each department has its own water dispenser to supply purified water, and its rooms must be close to the water level. Because the water treatment equipment of each department is relatively independent, it not only increases the difficulty of room selection, but also the main medical room must be transferred to the water treatment equipment room, which increases the total space of each department. The centralized purified water supply system not only reduces the area of the whole house by more than half, but also reduces the demand for houses. It can be a basement, top floor or podium, thus saving valuable main medical rooms.

4. Reduce equipment investment and operation cost. Compared with the purified water provided by independent drinking fountains of various departments

5. Safer water quality. Due to their own structure, the central centralized water supply system and independent water supply system can realize the closed circulating water supply of pure water transmission, and there is no ponding or pollution source. In addition, the purified water is basically in the current state, which effectively ensures the water quality.

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