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The excellent performance of the central pure water system stems from its advanced technology

Release time:2022-03-11    Views:1464

       The central pure water system can not only improve the level of modern management, but more importantly, it can generate greater benefits. The system has the advantages of good water quality controllability, low total investment cost, low operating cost, large machine room optionality, and small total floor space, which can quickly replace each independent water machine water supply system.

The technical requirements of the central pure water system:

The system adopts automatic control (manual control can also be used), and automatic backwashing and regeneration procedures can be set when the system is running; the primary reverse osmosis and secondary reverse osmosis are equipped with return pipelines, and the reverse osmosis equipment is equipped with chemical cleaning devices and The reverse osmosis membrane of the disinfection unit adopts the reverse osmosis membrane imported from the United States to ensure the long-term stable operation of the reverse osmosis equipment; the reverse osmosis pipeline adopts the better materials such as stainless steel and UPVC; in the first stage reverse osmosis and the second stage reverse osmosis equipment All are equipped with an online conductivity detector; the reverse osmosis system is equipped with low pressure protection and high pressure protection switches; the reverse osmosis water recovery rate is adjustable, the primary reverse osmosis recovery rate is 60-70%, and the secondary reverse osmosis recovery rate is 70-80%; The circulating conveying pipeline is equipped with ultraviolet sterilizer and microporous filter to ensure that the pure water meets the hygienic requirements.

The technical characteristics of the central pure water system:

1. Effectively solve the problem of hospitals purchasing water treatment equipment in a decentralized manner, and facilitate centralized management of equipment;

2. It saves the cost of purchasing equipment in a decentralized manner;

3. Save the floor space of the equipment, the cost of water and electricity use, the cost of personnel management, the cost of maintenance and replacement of consumables;

4. The system adopts a set of large-scale water treatment equipment to supply water to different water terminals by quality, and actively responds to the national advocacy of energy conservation and environmental protection.

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