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Remember not to be careless! Safe use of laboratory ultrapure water machines

Release time:2021-12-13    Views:1873

    Laboratory ultra-pure water machine is a commonly used laboratory pure water equipment. It removes all solid impurities, salt ions, bacteria and viruses in water through filtration, reverse osmosis, electrodialysis, ion exchanger, ultraviolet sterilization, etc water treatment device. The laboratory ultrapure water machine needs to be powered on when it is working. We should avoid the short circuit caused by the leakage of the laboratory ultrapure water machine due to pressure during use, which will cause irreparable consequences. Let me tell you about the laboratory ultrapure water machine. Electricity safety precautions for water purifiers:

Users should pay attention to the safety of electricity when using the laboratory ultrapure water machine, because the electrical equipment is affected by external influences such as impact pressure, humidity, foreign matter intrusion or internal material defects, aging, wear, and heat during the working process. , insulation damage and misoperation during the working process, various faults and abnormal working conditions may occur, so it is necessary to protect the electrical equipment.

1. The user needs to pay attention to the problem of the leakage protection switch of the equipment. The leakage protection switch should be checked frequently, and the test trip should not be less than once a month. If it fails, replace it immediately. After the fuse is blown or the leakage protection switch is tripped, the factors must be identified, and the power transmission can be resumed after the fault is eliminated.

2. The live connectors that are disassembled or exposed to the outside by cracks must be wrapped with insulating cloth in time and placed in places that are not easily accessible by people.

3. Do not damage the wires of the equipment, do not pull the wires indiscriminately, and replace the wires, plugs or sockets and other electrical equipment in time when they are found to be damaged.

4. It is forbidden to use steel tape or steel tape for measurement operations around live equipment; when someone is using and maintaining the equipment, the operator must be informed in advance before turning on the power.

The above are the key points of the safe use of the laboratory ultrapure water machine. The user must ensure the safety of the use of the equipment in order to better use the equipment.

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