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The accessories of the laboratory water purifier also need maintenance!

Release time:2021-11-11    Views:1522

      The laboratory water purifier has the advantages of continuous and stable operation, simple operation, strong adaptability, small size, and no pollution to the environment, gradually replacing the traditional ion exchange process. The reverse osmosis membrane will be damaged if the operator does not operate it properly. It is recommended that the operator be trained on the system before operating the equipment, many newbies are mostly due to the wrong closing method and not flushing the equipment thoroughly before closing the equipment. Since the inorganic salt concentration on the membrane side is higher than in the raw water, it is easy to scale and damage the membrane elements. If it is left for a long time, it will directly lead to the reduction of water treatment efficiency and water production. In addition, when the water is rinsed with pretreated water, if the cleaning is not clean, it will also cause contamination of the membrane element.

Since the laboratory water purifier has a large amount of residual gas under high pressure, the formation of air hammer will damage the membrane element. After the unit is emptied, the gas will not run out and the pressure will increase rapidly when it is re-run. After the remaining air has been expelled at a pressure of 2 to 4 bar, the pressure should be gradually increased. When the connection between the pretreatment equipment and the high pressure pump is poorly sealed or leaks, when the pretreatment water supply is insufficient, the sealing will not be good. Due to the vacuum, this place will pick up some air. The microfilter should be cleaned or replaced to ensure that the pipes do not leak. In short, the pressure should be gradually increased when there are no air bubbles in the flowmeter. If air bubbles are found during operation, the pressure should be gradually reduced to check the cause.

The maintenance of the accessories of the laboratory water purifier should also keep up. Insufficient disinfection and maintenance will lead to bacterial contamination. Reverse osmosis equipment always comes with a metering box, sometimes, in some cases, the metering box doesn't work, or the medicine is gone, so the bacteria in the water are not removed and are filtered out as they pass through the membrane elements, but the bacteria It will multiply membrane elements on the filter membrane and cause pollution to the membrane elements, affecting the service time of the membrane elements. The core accessory is the reverse osmosis membrane, which plays an irreplaceable role in the operation of the equipment. Therefore, in order to make the equipment run stably for a long time, it is very important to maintain the reverse osmosis membrane.

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