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Laboratory integrated wastewater treatment equipment

【Product overview】Yipi Dha laboratory integrated wastewater treatment equipment is mainly carried out by wastewater collection unit, manual automatic adjustment unit, pretreatment unit, automatic dosing unit, concrete floss, floccotic condensate unit, settling separation unit, solid liquid separation The unit, sludge drying unit, heavy metal capture unit, filtration unit, active microelectrodexulation unit (optional), photocatalytic oxidation reaction technology processing unit and other technical processes.

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Product introduction

Function features of Yika laboratory integrated wastewater treatment equipment

1, wide practicality: adapt to wastewater treatment in various laboratories;

2. Advance Technology: Diversification of wastewater by multiple technologies is used to achieve emission standards;

3, high automation: through centralized control, high automation, simple operation, fully automatic operation, no need to be duty;

4, the protection function is comprehensive: the timing switch is realized, no wastewater protection function, the liquid level protection function of the liquid storage tank;

5, low operating cost: module integration technology, good processing effect, no secondary pollution such as waste sagging, wastewater, low operating cost;

6, environmentally friendly design: systematic acid and alkali corrosion, small noise, small power, multiple safety protection;

7, intelligent integrated management: through "one-stop" integrated design, beautiful appearance, small area, easy to centrally manage;

8, PLC programming intelligent control system and human-machine interface operating system:

The equipment uses a PLC programmable intelligent control system, a human-machine interface operating system: LCD liquid crystal display Chinese display The components and concentrations of different wastewater, the control system automatically calculates and then automatically puts drugs in proportion, more scientifically and rational.

9, with remote management and monitoring upgrade function (optional)

Direct attack on site

Product highlights

1. Waste water equipment double wavelength cold cathode technology optical oxygen chemical software

2, wastewater equipment activated carbon filter and oil process software

3, wastewater equipment ozone, ultraviolet / dioxide disinfection process software

4, a wastewater treatment equipment with anti-washing empty functional membrane separation technology

Technical parameter

1. Equipment power: 220V, three-phase five lines

2, footprint: ≤6 square meters

3, work environment: 5 ~ 40 ° C

4. Operation mode: can run continuously, no one is worth

5, control mode: automatic control

6. The domestic mature products must be adopted, and the integrated equipment for laboratory integrated wastewater is required for non-civil condition (no reinforced concrete or brick pool equipment); in order to ensure product quality and service, the equipment manufacturer's business license must be provided. .

7. The acid-base dosage reaction unit and the main control system chassis split design, exempting the chassis is affected by acid and alkali gas:

1) Split design, convenient operation and maintenance, convenient transportation and installation, width 850mm door wastewater treatment equipment is easy to enter, exempt from the wall of the wall;

2) Split design prevents the host chassis and control system to subcove the acid-base gas corrosion, protect the core components, and ensure good operation of the equipment, greatly extend the service life of the equipment, and also reduces operation costs;

8. The pretreatment unit is welded by 10 mm thick pP acid and alkali material, and the upper and lower layers of a total of 8 sinks, all of the pharmaceutical, the reaction sink, only a layer of PP material, reducing the number of pipe connections Reduce the probability of leakage water, 10 years of warranty, integrated double-layer design, no space, pretreatment unit base belt 4 fixed universal wheels, can move and lock, easy to move, maintenance and maintenance.

The pretreatment unit is 6 separate sinks. The following three dimensions are 600 * 313 * 500mm, and the above three dimensions are 400 * 313 * 500mm, the overall size is 940 * 600 * 1000mm.

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