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Laboratory (sewage) wastewater treatment equipment

【Product overview】Yi Pili Lab (sewage) wastewater treatment equipment prepared for organic, inorganic, biological wastewater components produced by different laboratories, using different processing technology and processes for comprehensive treatment, and effectively removes COD in laboratory integrated wastewater. , BOD, SS, chroma, virus, organic solvents, and heavy metal ions.

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Product introduction

product description

       Yipya laboratory (sewage) wastewater treatment equipment is mainly carried out by wastewater collection unit, manual automatic adjustment unit, pretreatment unit, automatic dosing unit, concrete floating unit, floccotic condensate unit, settling separation unit, solid Liquid separation unit, sludge drying unit, heavy metal capture unit, filter adsorbing unit, active microelectrodexulation unit (optional), photocatalytic oxidation reaction technology processing unit and other technical processes. The complete set of process technology is advanced, simple and efficient, and the process design is fully considering that the wastewater treatment link needs enough reaction time, only the harmful ingredients in the wastewater can be completely removed. The process of each unit, the volume of the reaction box, and the reaction time through scientific estimation and repeated trials. The entire system processing process is set, fully automated, ensuring the processing effect. The system runs the PLC programmable control system and the human-machine interface operating system, remote monitoring and operating system (optional), and multiple water quality parameters automatically online monitoring. For the ingredients and concentrations of different laboratory wastewater, the control system automatically calculates, and then automatically puts the drug in proportion, no need to manually add and pay.

       The equipment is used for integrated treatment of organic, inorganic, biological wastewater components generated by different laboratories, which can effectively remove COD, BOD, SS, chroma, viruses, organic solvents in laboratory integrated wastewater. And heavy metal ions, etc., after treatment, laboratory wastewater can reach the national sewage comprehensive emission standards [GB8978-1996], national sewage is discharged into the urban sewer water quality standard [CJ343-2010] 1, two, three standards or related local standards . The wastewater processed can be directly discharged into the municipal sewage pipe network or surface, the river water, and the process can be reused by re-processing processes.


Functional features of Yupi Da Lab (sewage) wastewater treatment equipment

1, wide practicality: adapt to wastewater treatment in various laboratories;

2. Advance Technology: Diversification of wastewater by multiple technologies is used to achieve emission standards;

3, high automation: high automation, simple operation, fully automatic operation, no special personnel;

4, the protection function is comprehensive: the timing switch is realized, no wastewater protection function, the liquid level protection function of the liquid storage tank;

5, low operating cost: module integration technology, good processing effect, no secondary pollution such as waste sagging, wastewater, low operating cost;

6, environmentally friendly design: systematic acid and alkali corrosion, small noise, small power, multiple safety protection;

7, intelligent integrated management: through "one-stop" integrated design, beautiful appearance, small area, easy to centrally manage;

8, PLC programming intelligent control system and human-machine interface operating system:

The equipment uses a PLC programmable intelligent control system, a human-machine interface operating system: LCD liquid crystal display Chinese display The components and concentrations of different wastewater, the control system automatically calculates and then automatically puts drugs in proportion, more scientifically and rational.

9, with remote management and monitoring upgrade function (optional)

Using laboratory wastewater treatment system dedicated management monitoring software to use sensors, data cable, PLC, computer organic combination, so that the system's operation, maintenance, testing, monitoring, recording, statistics, analysis, etc. can be implemented immediately on your office computer.

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Product highlights

1, fully automatic operation, no need to deserve

2. Compliance with occupational health management system and environmental management system requirements:

3, relevant department qualification certification, quality is guaranteed:

4, have independent intellectual property rights:

5, core processing unit activated filter material, using imported advanced technology, basic can be used to achieve zero maintenance costs:

Technical parameter

1. Use after processing: Waste water is treated after treatment, the municipal sewage pipe network

2, post-processing water quality standards: "Sewage Comprehensive Emission Standards for People's Republic of China" (GB8978-1996) Emission standard; "Sewage Sewage Sewer Water Sewaque Water Quality" (GB / T31962-2015)

   "Sewage Treatment Plant Pollution Deviation Standard" (GB18918-2002); "Regulations on the Administration of Environmental Protection of Construction Projects"; equipment complies with GLP (Laboratory excellent standards) design;

3, equipment power: 220V

4, work environment: 5 ~ 40 ° C

5, mode of operation: can run continuously, no one is worth

6, control mode: automatic control

7. The domestic mature products must be employed, requiring a laboratory integrated wastewater treatment for non-civil condition (no reinforced concrete or brick pool equipment);

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