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How to extract the water made by the ultra pure water device in the laboratory correctly?

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     Ultrapure water produced by laboratory ultrapure water device is water with low content of ions, organic matter, particles, soluble gases and other pollutants. It is widely used in analytical instruments, cell culture, molecular biology, electrochemistry and other fields. Ultra pure water has very strong solubility due to its ultra-high purity. Practice has proved that the water quality of ultra pure water above 15 m Ω· cm will drop to about 4 m Ω· cm after exposure to air for 1 hour.

Sometimes, the experimental results of using ultrapure water are not ideal. Many people don't know the reason. In fact, there may be a problem in extracting ultrapure water. Let's talk about the details of taking water carefully.

1、 Preparation before water intake

1. Selection of water intake container

For experiments sensitive to organic content, brown glassware or stainless steel container shall be selected.

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) containers are commonly used for trace element analysis.

2. Cleaning of water intake container

a. Acid cleaning

Water for general physical and chemical experiments: soak the water container with nitric acid (or HCl) for 8 hours;

Water for measuring organic index: soak the water container with potassium dichromate lotion for 24 hours.

b. Washing

Wash with pure water

Step: flush & mdash& mdash; Swing and wash& mdash; Brushing & mdash& mdash; dry

c. Retouching

The water intake container shall be washed or soaked with the water sample to be taken before use. In the experiment of preventing microbial pollution, the water intake container is disinfected with ultraviolet lamp before use.

2、 Water intake method

Water intake shall follow the principle of water flowing down the cup wall to prevent bubbles from mixing with pollutants in the air.

When taking water, the ultrapure water shall fill the water taking container until it overflows.

After taking water, push the bottle cap horizontally, and then tighten it to eliminate air as much as possible.

If it is not used in time, it needs to be sealed with sealing film or placed in a large protective bottle containing ultra pure water, and the cap of the protective bottle should be tightened.

3、 Precautions

Wear disposable gloves throughout the water intake process.

In the process of taking water, it is forbidden to touch the bottle mouth and the inner wall of the bottle cap by hand.

Strictly abide by the principle of using ultrapure water: one center and two basic points.

The above is the details of the extraction after the ultra pure water is prepared by the ultra pure water device in the laboratory. Only by extracting the ultra pure water according to the correct method can the user ensure the accuracy of the subsequent experimental results.

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