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Only by maintaining the laboratory water purifier can he play a great role

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     As a common laboratory equipment for physical and chemical analysis, biological monitoring and pharmaceutical processing, laboratory water purifier is favored by various industries. In order to reduce the frequency of failure of laboratory water purifier and prolong its service life, regular maintenance is indispensable. Let's talk about the correct maintenance methods in detail.

1. Even if you don't use water, you often use a small amount of water to start the machine

As the reverse osmosis exudation membrane is a very important department in the laboratory water purifier, its pore diameter is very small, so micro substances such as bacteria will deposit on the surface during use. Generally, the water purifier has the function of backwashing. If the water consumption is less than 10 L / day, it can be scoured 3-5 times. If it exceeds 10 L, it will be scoured several times. If you don't use it for a long time, you need to take it out and soak it in the disinfectant to avoid the breeding of bacteria. This process is more troublesome. It is suggested to start the machine even if you don't use water, so as to make the water in the laboratory water purifier smooth and smooth, and minimize the long time of stagnant water deposition. The service time of reverse osmosis seepage membrane is 2-3 years. The real name is determined according to the water consumption of customers, so users must choose the matching specification when purchasing.

2. Replace the activated carbon filter element in about one year

Activated carbon filter element can remove peculiar smell and organic matter in water through its adsorption. There is residual chlorine in tap water, which has a great oxidation effect on reverse osmosis exudation membrane, so it needs to be removed with activated carbon. The activated carbon filter element has no intuitive change from the surface. According to experience, it needs to be replaced in about a year.

3. Pay attention to the service life of the purification column

The purification column is sometimes called ultra pure column according to the water quality needs of customers. Its own function is to desalinate the reverse osmosis permeated pure water in deep water to reach the level of primary water or ultra pure water. The principle is ion exchange. The life of the purification column is expressed by on-line resistivity. Lower than the specific resistance means that the purification column is outdated and more intuitive. In addition to the water consumption of consumers, its service life is particularly important for the filling volume of ion exchange resin produced by various manufacturers and the quality of ion exchange resin itself.

4. Take water according to the quality of water to avoid the increase of use cost

The laboratory ultrapure water equipment with tap water as the water source generally has two outlets, namely grade III water and grade I water. The water produced by reverse osmosis is tertiary water, which is stored in the water tank, while the primary water is not stored but taken immediately. The cost of primary water is higher than that of tertiary water. Therefore, users should adopt different quality water according to the water quality requirements in daily use. When grade III water can be used, try not to use grade I water.

According to the above methods, the laboratory water purifier can be maintained regularly. Correct maintenance plays a vital role. It can not only increase the service life of the equipment, but also save production costs for enterprises and achieve a win-win goal.

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