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Four tips to teach you to effectively avoid the breeding of bacteria in the laboratory pure water system!

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     The laboratory pure water system is simply a kind of water treatment and filtration equipment. After filtering the raw water (physical method), it produces a system that meets the direct drinking water quality standard without adding any compounds. It needs to exert certain pressure on water to make water molecules and ionic mineral elements pass through the reverse osmosis membrane. With the increasing requirements of enterprises for water quality, the application of laboratory pure water system is becoming more and more extensive. Let's introduce the methods to prevent the breeding of bacteria in ultra pure water equipment.

1. The addition amount of sodium hypochlorite shall be adjusted according to the number of bacteria in the water source. In addition to the regular detection of the number of bacteria, the free chlorine at the inlet of the mixed ion exchange column shall also be detected to prevent the free chlorine from exceeding the standard and affecting the normal operation of the resin.

2. Pay attention to the pollution of the tap at the water point. The tap with less frequent use is easy to become the object of microbial pollution. Once it is polluted, it cannot be restored to its original state if it is not washed with water for a long time.

3. Sodium hypochlorite solution is easy to oxidize and decompose. If it is used for a long time or the system is shut down for a long time on holidays, in addition to discharging water from the water tank to make the reverse osmosis membrane run for several hours at intervals to keep the system active, the sodium hypochlorite solution should also be replaced in time.

4. The mixed ion exchange column usually adopts one for use and one for standby. Bacteria can reproduce rapidly in static ultrapure water. It is usually regenerated before the standby mixed bed is put into operation to ensure the sterilization effect.

The above are four effective methods to avoid bacterial breeding in the laboratory pure water system, hoping to better ensure the safety of the prepared pure water.

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