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From what aspects can we better solve the problem of water leakage of laboratory water purifier?

Release time:2021-11-22    Views:1469

      Laboratory water purifier is an important equipment for experimental research, which provides the required analysis and test water, reagent water, experimental water and analytical instrument water for the laboratory. Water leakage occasionally occurs when using the laboratory water purifier, which is a headache for many users. However, as long as we master the causes and judgment methods of water leakage and put forward improvement measures, the effect is better after use. Generally, water leakage can be summarized as the following problems:

1. Incorrect installation of accessories:

The equipment is composed of many accessories. If there is water leakage, it is likely that there is a problem in the assembly of the accessories. In this case, you can refer to the manual to sort and assemble the accessories of the laboratory water purifier again. The normal installation process will not cause water leakage!

2. The rubber ring on the filter housing is not installed properly:

The filter shell is made of plastic material. If it is directly connected, water leakage will occur. Generally, a soft rubber ring will be configured inside the filter shell to help fix it. Water leakage may be caused by the rubber ring on the filter shell is not installed properly, and the connection of the filter shell is not tight enough.

Solution: find the rubber ring, fix it to the filter shell interface, and then install the filter shell!

3. The water pipe is not plugged properly or leaks:

The function of the water pipe in the equipment is to help transport the water source. When connecting the filter element inside the laboratory water purifier, the quick connector is basically used to help the connection. If there is water leakage inside the laboratory water purifier, you can check whether the connection between the water pipe and the connector is not tight enough. If there is a problem here, first cut off the head of the water pipe with a pipe cutter, then connect it to the joint and pull it several times to avoid water leakage.

The above are the reasons and solutions for the leakage of the laboratory water purifier. Users must understand the causes and solutions of the faults, so as to find and eliminate these hidden dangers in time, and repair the faults in time, so as to ensure the normal operation of instruments and equipment.

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